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Synthesizers based Electronic music

Talking Heads - Human League - Spandal Ballet - Depeche Mode - Tears 4 Fears - ABC - King - Duran Duran - Madness - UB40 - The Blow Monkeys - The Specials - The Cure - Wham - Fine young Cannibals - Style Council - Culture Club - Frankie Goes To Hollywood...

Every break beater would know.... youll find the killa break in the most unbelievable places and black music of the 60s and 70s arent the only places to search....

The 80s UK music scene saw new age production techniques move from live bands inside studios to the cropping and cutting from a keyboard. Popular keyboards would include KORG - YAMAHA and ROLAND.

Some popular artists would include...

Annie Lennox (One of the finest female vocalist out of Scotland.) - together with David Stewart formed the Eurythmics.

The Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls.

Police (Sting) - Every Breath You Take.

Phil Collins (together with Peter Gabreile performed in the Genesis) - In The Air Tonight.

Talking Heads - Watching the days go by (first sampled in the early 90s and used as a backing track for a New York rapper.).

Spandal Ballet saw their track called True sampled by PM Dawn, a hip hop group from the 90s.

Human League - Dont you want me - sampled countless times even in recent years and also one off the pioneers of the synthezier age.

ABC - A group from the 80s releasing several big hitting tracks including shoot that poison arrow and the look of love.

Depeche Mode - with several hits under their belts and are also a favourite for bedroom producers remixers.

Tears 4 Fears - Shout and Everybody wants to rule the world are 2 big hits that breakers even today spin.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood released Relax which was band by national radio which didnt stop them from getting a number 1 hit.

Wham(George Micheal) who started his musical career as a DJ. Releasing his debut single which was a rap record.

Style Council(Paul Weller) brought his own style to the market(which isnt synthesizer based, but rather acoustic) and tracks called Town called malice and Your the best thing that ever happened.

Other well known artist include:

king (Love and pride) - Duran Duran (Girls on film) - The Blow Monkeys (It doesnt have to be this ways) - UB40 (Red Red Wine) - Paul Young (Common People) - Fine Young Cannibals (She drives me crazy) - Madness (One step Beyond) - The Specials - The Cure - Culture Club - Dixies Midnight Runners (Come on Eileen) - Tight Fit (The lion sleeps tonight) Hair Cut 100 - Blondie - Bananarama - David Bowie - Kim Wild - Funboy 3 - Thompson Twins - Simple Minds - Kate Bush - Thomas Dolby - Dead or Alive (You Spin Me Round) .....

All the above having been used and sampled on several hits from hip hop to house and recent years has seen the drum n bass treatment hit them too....

Its A Synthesizer Thing...

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